Craft Nut Butter

Made in Vermont

Natural nut butters made from unique blends of tree nuts and other high quality ingredients

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"Maple Bliss" | Maple, Cashew, Pecan & Walnut Blend

"I am not a huge pecan fan because of the bitter after taste, but . . . I thought I would try the maple pecan walnut & it’s amazing. It’s a chunky texture, which I normally don’t like, but this is OUTSTANDING! Highly recommend!"

Amanda B.


"The High Bar" | Almond, Pecan, & Walnut Blend

"The best afternoon snack. It is my favorite meal of the day. My go to is apples, tart or sweet. The natural taste and texture is addictive and real. I always save a spoonful for last to savor and enjoy."

Charlotte B.


"The New Favorite" | Almond, Cashew, & Pecan Blend

"I have had to reduce sugar in my diet and I am also vegetarian, so I have had to find my protein/nutrition through foods like nuts. The mixed nut butter products offer the rich, delicious taste and the nutrition that I need. I'm hooked and love that this a Vermont product."

Allison A.


"Coconut Flurry" | Coconut, Cashew, & Pecan Blend

". . . could be offered up at a party or put into someone's lunchbox. If you like coconut and a savory nut flavor to balance it out, this is the nut butter for you. The coconut is not overpowering and has a nice toasted richness to it. It also adds to the texture."

L. P. Hawley
kent arnold uvm entrepreneur

It was 2020...

...I was graduating college in Vermont, and my father's newfound nut butter was locally discontinued. As a passionate cook, I...

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