About Us

Who Are We?

Mixed Up Nut Butter is a Vermont based food startup, specializing in small batch mixed nut butters. We aim to spark novel food experiences among our customers by encouraging them to explore new flavors.

Our story

Kent Arnold loves cooking and will make anything and everything from scratch. His philosophy is, “why would I buy it at the store if I can make it better myself, with fewer and better ingredients?” John, his father, discovered a mixed nut butter which seemed to have been a godsend, but the local grocery store stopped carrying it. Kent said, “which nuts were in that nut butter? I can make it for you.” John thought that nothing could be better than his discovery until he had his first taste of Kent’s blended nut butter. This became John’s new favorite nut butter, thus creating our first mixed nut butter: “The New Favorite”.

Mixed Up Nut Butter was founded amidst the development of COVID-19. Kent was finishing up his senior year at the University of Vermont to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Minor in Nutrition & Food Sciences. He was interning part time as a digital marketing intern that would transition to full time, but his employer had to make cuts with the first being the marketing department. However, it made Kent’s decision to go all in on Mixed Up Nut Butter easier.

What Makes Us Unique

We craft nut butters from unique nut blends with non-traditional texture. We like to think of ourselves as the pioneers of a new nut butter texture: Chewy. Our nut butters aren’t crunchy or smooth. Their middle-grind results in a satisfying mouthfeel. Additionally, they’re dosed with a proper amount of sea salt to bring out the beautiful lurking flavors within the nuts we use. We are determined to create the best tasting mixed nut butters on earth using properly sourced and minimally processed ingredients.

A Note…

At Mixed Up Nut Butter, we don’t discriminate. Sure, have your nut butter with jam between two slices of bread (which we love), but there’s a whole world of flavor combinations out there! Don’t limit yourself. Replace any nut butter or tahini, with ours in any recipe. That means you can use it in any baked goods, dressings, sauces, or paired with your favorite cheese and wine once the clock strikes 5. See our recipes page for more ideas!