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So good!

I love this just as much as the maple creemee. It is not as sweet and the walnuts make it pair perfectly with bananas.


Taste just like a maple creamy, I could eat the whole jar in one sitting.

I highly recommend for a great no added sugar option

I usually eat no sugar added sunbutter, but this has so much more flavor. It is good on anything, even right out of the jar.

Just delicious!

This was my second purchase, and I've already made the third ! This spread is excellent!

Mixed Up Nut Butter Sample Box
Marilee C. (Dublin, OH)
Nut Butter

I LOVE these nut butters....I have to keep buying them because I give them away as gifts...perfect thank you gift for anyone....

Smooth Nut Butter

I love the textures of all of the peanuts in this peanut nut butter....


I sampled a bunch of flavors and they were all excellent! My very favorite is the Maple Creemie! It is so delicious! I love it right out of the jar, on bread/toast, in my oatmeal or on my ice cream! All the ingredients are fresh and you can really determine the natural flavors! I can’t say enough about all these wonderful products!

OMG, this is like crack to me

I can't believe how much I love this stuff. I often have to rush out the door to meet my biking buddies early in the a.m., when I don't have time to make tea. I used to pop a handful of chocolate-covered espresso beans, but now I take a spoonful (or several) of this stuff; it gives me a hit of caffeine and some nutrition as well. I love it so much I find myself daydreaming about it, but I'm trying to make it last, hahaha.

thank you so much for your review! i love how it's finding a way into your active lifestyle :) Make sure you check out our free rewards program so you can save in the future:

Natural sweetness without added sugar

This is a dreamy blend with excellent texture. It's hard to believe that there is no added sweetener, because it's so yummy.

100% agree :) it tastes almost like there's a touch of honey in there, but the sweetness comes naturally from the cashews. enjoy!

Love the Maple Creemee!

The maple creemee nut butter is sooo good!!! Definitely recommend! Love ending my day with a spoonful!

thank you for the love kierstin :)

The Maple Creemee Slaps

I end the day with maple creemee either pairing it with chocolate or straight out of the jar. 10/10


The Vermont maple taste makes the peanut butter taste sweet but not tooooo much.

just the right amount! thanks for the love :)


Love the taste of the cashew nut in this peanut butter

Multiple Nut

This has a great flavor with 3 different nuts combined.

Maple Heaven

I love how the balance of maple & “creemeeness” comes through without being overly sweet.

we're shooting for balance! thank you for your review :)

Yum ola

just the right combination of peanut butter, maple and nuts. So glad to have tried this

thank you!

My less favorite of the mixed, taste was a little too bland for me

The Maple cashew pecan is my favorite, it has flavor and a hint of maple sweetness

Love this for breakfast or after dinner snack!

Learned about this product at a local grocery store tasting. I’m so glad I bought it!

thank you paromita! i love it over yogurt and blueberries in the morning, and over ice cream after dinner :)

The new favorite

Appropriately named!! The most delicious taste and amazing texture!!

thank you randi! texture is suuper important to us. :)

Best Peanut Butter By Far

I love this peanut butter on English Muffins. It has the right amount of sweetness and satisfying crunch.

yeesss :) i also love maple bliss on an english muffin, but with a little swirl of greek yogurt and/or blueberry jam

Superb taste & quality

Truly grateful for your nut free seed butter! Outstanding taste & texture.

thank you! it took a lot of testing to get it right

YUMMY Peanut butter

This peanut butter has an excellent taste. I spread it on toast (Seduction Pan Loaf from Whole Foods)...both are a little crunchy .

It has a nice sweet flavor and is good on toast or as a dip with pretzels/fruit!