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Best Peanut Butter By Far

I love this peanut butter on English Muffins. It has the right amount of sweetness and satisfying crunch.

Superb taste & quality

Truly grateful for your nut free seed butter! Outstanding taste & texture.

YUMMY Peanut butter

This peanut butter has an excellent taste. I spread it on toast (Seduction Pan Loaf from Whole Foods)...both are a little crunchy .

It has a nice sweet flavor and is good on toast or as a dip with pretzels/fruit!

Delish and a great gift!

After a trip to Vermont this year, I can’t get enough of the Maple Creemee nut butter! I have since ordered four jars for myself and sent them as Christmas presents to the excitement of friends and family, who already want more.

Nuts! Nuts!

Excellent combination of almond, pecan and cashew nuts....

Almond Pecan Walnut

Excellent on toast or celery...combines butter and nuts excellently


Fantastic peanut better....loved the flavor....excellent on toast.


Cacao nib with coffee is the best

I love the flavor of this. I have never tried anything like this. No type of maple nut or any nut butter or anything. It’s something like I’ve never tasted. The creaminess and texture was smooth but not too smooth, didn’t stick to my mouth. Was very nice

The newness of the concept: maple taste with various nuts.

Mind = Blown

I've tried various nut butters Iver the years, but almost all of them have left me disappointed and unsatisfied; that streak ended today. I picked up this smaller jar at work last evening and HOLY MOLY! These folks have cracked the nut butter da vinci code. Not only is this the best nut butter I've ever had, I'm supporting a local VT business. I don't think you'll be disappointed with this product nor do I think the recipient of such a wonderful gift will be either!

i loved it it tasted great it was smooth and creamy i would reccomend this to all

NOT TOO SWEET which I appreciate. Perfect consistency and the texture is too. ADDICTING flavor

Love this Peoria butter.

I tried this from a local store in the Adirondack’s and fell in love with it. Have not tried the others yet but this is so good on slices of apple. Very tasty and healthy for a snack.

The nut butter is to die for. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has been missing sweets. He loved the taste and it didn’t cause his blood sugar to spike like crazy.

I was really excited to try Maple Creemee and it did not disappoint!

I really like Mud Season

For years I was buying a certain brand of mocha almond butter. Then the company went out of businiess. I then found another brand butI really like the Mud Season better and am switching to that from the other brand . The only problem is that I was paying about $15 for a 12 oz container of the other brands and Mud Season is about the same price for only 8 oz.

So yummy! It has a really unique flavor for nut butter. A great healthy way to make my breakfast delicious!