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Everyday Seed Butter: Sunflower Pepita Crunch - 8 oz
Linda and Peter Dytrych (Chicago, US)
Very nice option to nut butters

Very nice option to nut butters; we do prefer the nut butters, but for a seed butter, I don't think you can get a better one! I am adding to our review prior (we are in St. Augustine, FL); we enjoyed it this morning on Thomas's Buttermilk English Muffins; along with a German chocolate spread. See photo. It was an excellent breakfast treat.


This is my favorite flavor. The others are crazy-good, too.

Everyday Seed Butter: Sunflower Pepita Crunch - 8 oz
Linda and Peter Dytrych (Chicago, US)
For a seed butter, it is good....however

For a seed butter, the pepitas are the most discernible flavor. We do like the seed butter; but because we do not have a nut allergy, we will continue to purchase the nut betters.ton

Love the Sunflower Pepita Crunch. Has the perfect amount of crunch and tastes GREAT!!!


So good. Great on toast or in a smoothie. Next time I’ll order two jars because they disappear quickly!

This is the perfect mid morning or mid afternoon snack on a cracker.

It's a wonderful pick me up for that 10 am or 3 pm low spot.

Mixed up nut butter made my wife love me again.

They call it "The New Favorite" for a reason!

I really enjoyed this unique nut butter blend of almonds, pecans, and cashews. It really does wonders for my breakfast options!


The only negative about this product is I go through it so fast. I love coconut and pecans, and this peanut butter is "off the chain"...DELICIOUS 👍

You're too sweet Robin. Thank you!


This is the best nut butter I have ever tried by far ! I love putting it in my oatmeal , will be restocking soon!

Thank you Gena! It definitely boosts the creaminess of a warm bowl of oats

Fantastic Nut Butter

Love to try all the flavors! Maple Creemee is great on everything from toast to ice cream. The Maple Creemee has a little maple sugar so it's almost like a healthy dessert.

Sooooo Good

Love the High Bar nut butter!

200% Awesome Maple Bliss

Love it!! You must try this maple bliss nut butter!! I eat it on toast, with bananas, with everything!

Thank you Cathy :)


It is tasty, but a bit watery for my taste.

Thank you for sharing, Cecil!

Tastes like dessert~ :)

Tried a couple flavors at the Shriner's craft fair, but once I tasted "Mud Season", I couldn't walk away without purchasing it. The Cacao nibs really make this so good! Gives it a little crunch too. Totally enjoying it on my banana for what tastes like a sinfully delicious snack.

The banana combo is a classic! Thank you Brenda

Great nutty taste

Love the three together! Unique flavor, goes great with eggs, bacon and toast!!!

I love your savory pairings! Thanks Sean

Exceptional taste

What a refreshing and tatsy nut butter! The coffee and cacoa flavors are a homerun! Thank you

Thank you Sean! We're very proud of Mud Season -- it took a LOT of work.

Habit forming 👀👀

Love it !!

Healthy habits! Thanks Yamilha :)

Absolutely delicious!!

Perfect combination of nuts and maple. By far my favorite!!

Thank you :)

Straight from the jar

Holy sh** this is so good! Literally just eating it straight from the jar.

Thank you Joy :) That's the way we like to enjoy it too

Great flavor

So much better than peanut butter! Love it!

It's unparalleled! Thank you Grace


We received a sample pack for Christmas. My son is completely sold. Maple varieties are his favorite!

(Almost) anything maple is good! Thank you Laura :)


I bought a small pot of this at Kiss the Cook on Church St. and am immediately looking for more! Mud Season is the most delicious peanut butter I have ever tasted.

Thanks Karen!


Receive a sample pack for Christmas. Love them all. Especially the Maple Bliss walnut pecan and cashew. Saw this flavor when I came on-site to reorder it and now will be getting this also.

Maple Bliss sure is special. Thank you for sharing!