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Love it, except for the coffee bean or cocoa pieces

This is a wonderful combination of cocoa and coffee flavors; my only issue is that there are pieces of hard shells in it. If it were completely pulverized, it would make it a 5 star. Just a bit annoying to be crunching it as you consume it.


Tastes just like a maple creemee

I love it! It is my new favorite nut butter!

The Greatest Thing Since Actual Peanut Butter

I first tasted this at a Farmers Market in Burlington, VT. And now have it shipped in bulk to HAWAII!. It's a great spread to put on apples and other fruits... especially if you have kids. Why can I only give 5 stars?

I changed my mind

THIS is my favorite now. So good. Spoons only. too good to put on anything.

Soooo much YUM!

I have enjoyed all of the nut butters made by Mixed Up Nut Butter, and this newest offering is no exception. It’s depth of flavor will lend itself to many ways to enjoy it. French toast, maybe a dollop on a s’more… swoon!

Vivian, thank you so much! We're big s'mores fans too. :)

Great stuff

Yummy and unique. Great in a smoothie or on French toast. Not you’re average nut butter

The french toast idea is genius! Thanks for sharing your review, Maria. :)


I love the taste the texture is wonderful. great on toast, on crackers..a great dessert as such..

Thank you for your review, Diane!


Bought this product in November and am slowly making my way through the jar, enjoying every delicious bite. I look forward to sampling and enjoying all 4 jars of my recent purchase. Can't wait til your new product hits the market! Am anxious to learn what you have in store. Good luck!

Rachel, we're glad you're enjoying the goods! We have a few new products brewing. Stay tuned. Thank you!

Truly such a natural, great taste that I cannot get enough of!

There's never enough! Thank you for your review

this nut butter is the best; nature; and smooth..excellent source of protein and does great in a smoothie..will buy more

Easily the best nut butter I’ve ever had. The texture is so satisfying and with just a hint of maple it’s a perfect snack. I eat it straight from the jar. It’s a little pricey, but it’s like no other out there!

you're making us blush, Rachel! Thank you :)

Wonderful stuffed in dates, Amazing as a PBJ and terrific right out of the jar.

Dates are great! Naturally sweet, and go well with walnuts. Thank you for reviewing!

Amazing combination of my favorites. I will keep coming back for more. Thanks

Thank you for sharing, Martha!

I purchased after having a sample of the Coconut Flurry a the Vermont Craft show in Burlington. It was amazing, but imagine my surprise when applied to homemade bread OH MY. I will be putting in my next order right away. Great Job!!

We're honored to have a place on your homemade bread! It's a labor of love. Thank you, Kelly :)

Swoon worthy, decadent, delicious and oh so versatile!!! Simply amazing nut butter…

You're too sweet, Tara!

The best afternoon snack. It is my favorite meal of the day. My go to is apples, tart or sweet. The natural taste and texture is addictive and real. I always save a spoonful for last to savor and enjoy.

As you can see, I can't get enough of this nut butter! The flavor of the maple is absolutely incredible. A must have, just open and get your spoon out. That's all I need.

The Maple Bliss Mixed nut butter is insanely good! Sweet and salty....yum!

Excellent product, nice change from peanut butter. Made so all nuts can be tasted.
Excellent customer service.

I am a huge fan of Maple Bliss! It is just so delicious & nutritious! I have always loved the Almond, Cashew, and Pecan Butter but now Maple Bliss has become my favorite. They fill me up, satisfy my "sweet tooth" and best of all the ingredients are healthy! You need to try it! Thank you Kent for your amazing products! YUM!
Sandra Almeida

Without question, the best nut butter I've ever had!

Original Mixed Up Nut Butter Gift Bundle
Allison A.

I found Mixed Up Nut Butter when I was looking for Vermont made gifts, but as sometimes happens I gave it to myself. I have had to reduce sugar in my diet and I am also vegetarian, so I have had to find my protein/nutrition through foods like nuts. The mixed nut butter products offer the rich, delicious taste and the nutrition that I need. I'm hooked and love that this a Vermont product. I spread some on an ancient grain cracker and top it with a banana and enjoy eye closing bliss each night!
Allison A.

Got this for a gift and ordered an extra for myself! Damn! It is so good!