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Vermont Maple, Cashew, and Pecan Nut Butter with Vanilla Bean - "Maple Creemee" - 8 oz

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If there's one thing that's a pure expression of Vermont, it's a maple creemee. Starting with a dairy and maple base, the ingredients are slowly churned resulting in a smooth, caramel-like frozen dessert, to be enjoyed on a classic wafer cone. No, it's not "soft serve," it's a creemee. This is our spin on the quintessential maple creemee, but without the dairy, excess sugar, or melting. Enjoy!

Predominantly made from cashews, Maple Creemee uses late-season maple sugar and a hint of pecan and vanilla bean to add complexity and balance. The nutty creaminess of this nut butter replicates both the flavors of the classic Vermont maple creemee, and wafer cone it is traditionally served on.

Enjoy straight off the spoon, or have it with seedy toast, or with a glass of dry cider. 

  • Ground and Jarred in Vermont
  • Ethically-Sourced Vanilla Bean
  • Sweetened with Late-Season Vermont Maple Sugar
  • Vegan & Paleo Friendly
  • Great source of healthy fats and contains 4 grams of protein per serving
  • No palm oil, refined sugars, or artificial preservatives

Net WT: 8 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cathleen Lesko (Norwalk, US)
Fantastic Nut Butter

Love to try all the flavors! Maple Creemee is great on everything from toast to ice cream. The Maple Creemee has a little maple sugar so it's almost like a healthy dessert.

Joy (Allston, US)
Straight from the jar

Holy sh** this is so good! Literally just eating it straight from the jar.

Shivam (Plainville, US)

Love the flavor of this, make sure you stir it up because everything settles at the bottom

Stir it up like Marley. Thanks, Shiv!

Linda and Peter Dytrych (Roswell, US)
Extremely tasty; great flavor combination

Love all Vermont products; so much love put into this line of nut butters. I did have a nice email exchange with the owner. Generally I would like to see the consistency a bit more spreadable like peanut butter vs. more liquidy as it is now. I realize, however, that all the new nut butter products clump on the bottom and have to be stirred very well; just this product is liquidy even with the bit of solidity at the bottom. Would not avoid buying from this company, however. Again, the flavors are interesting and unique.

Megan Patton (Fairfax, US)

Tastes just like a maple creemee