Chocolate Coated Ice Cream Bites

Prepare to dig into these delicious chocolate covered ice cream bites featuring our Everyday Seed Butter and cottage cheese.

I'm sure we've all seen the cottage cheese ice cream recipe floating around the internet. I gave it a try, but was disappointed. Maybe my recipe wasn't the best, or perhaps I froze it for too long. I wanted to create a recipe that was straightforward, not time sensitive, and original.

When I was younger, I loved eating Nestle's Dibs, which are chocolate coated ice cream bites. Since cottage cheese ice cream can be a bit hard/icy, I figured it'd be perfect to hold up to a chocolate coating. So, we upgraded traditional 'Dibs' to be an everyday, healthy indulgence that's packed with protein and good-for-you fats.

Just blend the seed butter, cottage cheese, honey, and vanilla until smooth, freeze 'em up, and then dip 'em in melted dark chocolate and coconut oil.


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